CNC Lathe / Sliding Vending Machine

CNC Lathe / Sliding Vending Machine

Our Ak Vending Machine CNC Lathe / Sliding Vending Machine Service is a system used to further accelerate mass production.

In the CNC Lathe, the products that will also be processed on the machine tools will remain stationary there, while in the CNC Sliding vending machine, on the contrary, they can rotate on the z axis, which makes it advantageous for us to process long and wide parts that are difficult to process.

CNC Sliding Vending Machine offers us products with a longer service life, and also saves us time, we process your work perfectly quickly, telling our valued customers that time is money.

To tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of AK Automat

Advantages of CNC Lathe / Sliding Vending Machine:

· Small Parts are difficult to produce The products that lathes cannot produce that have problems in producing the sliding vending machine takes care of easily.

· Designed for the production of Small Parts.

· It is a machine that can be easily managed by only one person when it comes to production.

· It can process 10 thousands of products according to tolerance.

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