CNC Machining

CNC Machining

As AK Automat, CNC Machining is the most advanced of the milling machines in the machining industry. We offer you the products you want with high precision by using our different types of cutting tools that we have the geometric shapes you want from us.

Our CNC Machining service is a very preferred machine tool in the mold and mold processing industry. As Ak Otomat, our CNC Machining Services are special machines designed for the processing of various workpieces. In these machines, machining operations such as CNC Milling machines are also performed.

Advantages of CNC Machining:

* CNC machining is time-friendly, which makes mass production possible along with preventing time loss.

• The installation of CNC Machining Machines is also a time-friendly process that is also fast.

* In CNC Machining, all kinds of consumption is reduced to a minimum level.

* It helps us with Energy efficiency with CNC Machining.

* The speed of transition from CNC Machining to parts manufacturing is quite high.

Disadvantages of CNC Machining:

• The cost of CNC Machining Machines is quite high, it may also vary depending on the machine features and model.

• The initial investment cost may be very high figures, but it can also provide a large profit in the continuation of business.

* CNC Machining machines need to be used cleanly, they need regular maintenance. jul: In case of failure, it can lead to serious costs

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